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If you are unsure which type of abstract you should write, ask your instructor if the abstract is for a class or read other abstracts in your field or in the journal where you are submitting your article.

A double-blind study?

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Introduction promises some results or useful information, but presents only suggestions, without revealing of all secrets. Remember, that there are word limits, which you should follow.

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Your best bet in this case is to ask your instructor or refer to the instructions provided by the publisher. Never submit the abstract and research paper or any other type of work without proofreading and editing first.

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Are the results of this study going to shake up the scientific world? It increasingly concerns international students as well. It provides information about the structure, argumentation, method, and results of your research paper cf. This dissertation challenges the argument that movements are inconsequential. What other kind of study would yield further solutions to problems? If you are abstracting your own writing When abstracting your own work, it may be difficult to condense a piece of writing that you have agonized over for weeks or months, or even years into a word statement. Attachment: How-to-Write-an-Abstract.

For the purposes of writing an abstract, try grouping the main ideas of each section of the paper into a single sentence. The abstract SHOULD NOT contain: Lengthy background or contextual information, Redundant phrases, unnecessary adverbs and adjectives, and repetitive information; Acronyms or abbreviations, References to other literature [say something like, "current research shows that

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How to Write a Perfect Abstract