Write an essay on panchayati raj system in india

These Panchayats had panchayati judicial and essay powers. The government should also try to surrender some departments completely to the villages. Panchayati Raj This term paper also examines the structure and functioning and implementation of panchahayati raj institutions in the light of 73rd constitutional amendment act in the essays of West Bengal, Karnataka, kerala and Andhra Pradesh as a model for participatory local governance.

These Panchas elect a head or Sirpancha after mutual discussions. Offered in india was laid by gandhiji.

main objectives of panchayati raj system

Gradation of agricultural products and quality maintenance. These institutions should also be made a channel for all programmes of social and economic development.

achievements of panchayati raj system

Each Standing Committee is given a specific function. Looking at the above functions and some special provisions made in the Act, it is amply clear that the new PR system has undoubtedly empowered the villages to take steps for their all-round development.

In brief, the main changes brought out by the Act are: 1. Seats may be reserved for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and women. The Governor shall make arrangements for laying down die recommendations of Commission on the Table of the concerned legislature.

The experience of Panchayati Raj has been very good in the context of Indian administration. Implementing various schemes for development of irrigation, ground water and watershed.

essay on gram panchayat

Sarpanch is answerable to Gram Sabha.

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Essay on the Panchayati Raj in India