Water cycle essay questions

What happened the temperature when you squeezed the bottle. Compare the concepts of "Climate of the first kind" and "Climate of the second kind" as used in this class. Precipitation Activity A heat source to boil water A pot in which to boil water A Pyrex or other container with a handle Ice cubes A pie pan or other container 2.

questions on water cycle for grade 5

List all the things we use water for. Which drops looked like rain? What did you see happening on the bottom of the bowl? Write a life history of a raindrop. Explain the hydroclimatic significance of the seasonal occurrence of precipitation, and the general equator to pole pattern of precipitation seasonality.

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Have someone light a match, blow it out, and put the match into the bottle while it is still smoldering. As the water in a gaseous state rises, it comes in contact with other molecules that have cooled and also other particles in the atmosphere. Fill the Pyrex pot with ice. Why is there such a difference? Explain how atmospheric carbon dioxide can be a good absorber of terrestrial radiation and a weak absorber of solar radiation. Benchmark 2 identify and manage sources of error in measurement. Procedures Set up this activity where students can gather around you and see what happens to the pot with ice in it and to the moisture that drips from the pot into the pie tin. Where do we find salt water? Precipitation falls on the earth and either percolates into the soil or flows across the ground.

Which room in your house uses the most water? Read and record the temperature of the air inside the bottle. The water cycle consists of an alternation of evaporation and condensation.

Water cycle discussion questions

In simpleterms, acid rain is rain that is more acidic than normal. Why or why not? Extensions: 1 Study the relationship between the rainfall at Forks, stream flow data, and the level of Lake Quinalt. Explain that each student will get to build or have their own terrarium to observe the water cycle. Describe what would life be like without water? What happens to precipitation when it reaches the ground? What happened to the water once the soil was saturated? How were the big drops formed? Procedures Every 2 students will put a cone of filter paper in a funnel. When you squeezed the bottle the air pressure in the bottle increased which raised the temperature. Quickly let it pop open.

Have a class sharing and discussion about the answers generated. What do you see happening in the pie tin?

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Water cycle Essay Example