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Unique submission guidelines are published on their page, so please visit their site for information.

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Verge Magazine Verge magazine is a small, Canadian digital-only publication. They prefer to work with established writers and don't want fan type articles. They expect each article to be no longer than 1, words, and submitted based on a specific format. Freelance contributors write the majority of articles in the magazine so there are plenty of opportunities to pitch and be published. It's a win-win situation. Essentially, they are looking for submissions that include personable and relatable content that is also informative. Instructions: Email lori greatescapepublishing dot com and make sure to include your full name, address and telephone number. He is a total guru in the field of travel writing and I love that he offers such practical and useful advice for freelance travel writers and bloggers. Thank you for your interest in Go World Travel Magazine.

Draft prides itself on providing its audience with current, accurate and creative coverage of beer. To get you started, we compiled 34 paying travel markets.

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Baja Life Pay: 10 cents per word Baja Life magazine is dedicated to promoting tourism, education and protection of the Baja Peninsula. Although they focus on Texas, their readership spans the US and the world. As you sit, sipping a steaming latte, you scribble in your notebook about your world travels. You can also write about unique people, cities, off the beaten path destinations etc. Here are dozens of publications that provide opportunities for travel writing jobs: 1. The magazine always seeks new creative talent, and the links below will download guidelines that spell out how we work. Great Escape Publishing Great Escape Publishing focus on working while you travel, so if you like my blog, you'll probably like these guys. No, I think there is too much competition. Texas Highways Pay: 50 cents per word Texas Highways is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring travel within Texas, by documenting Texas destinations for readers throughout the United States. They want original writing, photography and videography that showcases fun adventures, unique cultures and amazing experiences on the road with emphasis on rented campervans and motorhomes, though any road trip will be considered. Submissions can be filled in here. Check out our post about visa free countries to find places with more relaxed laws so that you can easily enter and stay for an extended period of time.

I've had a couple of pieces published with them, and they were great to work with. Hakai Magazine expects you to pitch your ideas or queries via email.

Or email submissions to Cleomurphy at internationalliving dot com for Incomes Abroad.

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They like articles to keep within the 1, words limit. We can show you how to start a blog in just 5 minutes and how to grow a following with our free course and ebook.

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