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Because of God's oneness and his transcendence of human experience and knowledge, Islamic law forbids representations of God, the prophets, and among some Muslims, human beings in general.

However, God corrected Muhammad's mistakes or errors in judgment, so that his life serves as an example for future Muslims to follow. He has skill as a military leader and a politician. This guy who had pretended to be a Muslim and killed the killer of his brother is one of them.

The way this school resolved the question of free will was to argue that no human act could occur if God does not will it, and that God's knowledge encompasses all that was, is, or will be.

Even those who are not in direct contact with Middle Eastern sources of inspiration may absorb the ideology secondhand through interaction of Muslims from various origins in schools and on the internet.

All the basic shapes of the religion are already set before the bandwagon starts. While the meaning of terms has been open to different interpretations, the Qur'an regularly refers to zakat, identifying specific ways in which this tax can be spent.

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Jihad means you go out and conquer people. A religious obligation, zakat is considered an expression of devotion to God.

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A key event in the history of the Shia and for all Muslims was the tragic death at Karbala of Husayn, the son of Ali, and Muhammad's daughter Fatima. Some of the Medinans had a hunch if they brought in Muhammad, he could clear up the mess, get things together and life could be more tolerable for them.

Their usual coexistence was underscored by a mutual recognition of their separate spheres of influence and their respective duties and responsibilities.

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