The influence of concept mapping on critical thinking in baccalaureate nursing students

The HESI exam has been used more than 47, times and has both reliability and validity measures that make it useful and practical Morrison et al. Therefore, it is important to change the roles of universities, as mere warehouse of knowledge, and teachers, as mere lecturers and transfers of knowledge; instead of merely learning and memorizing, students should improve their thinking and inference skills and learn how to analyze information and use it 3.

concept map for nursing students

Authors also acknowledge their gratitude to Mrs. J Med Educ.

concept map vs care plan

All the test packages cardiovascular from the students were ranked and evaluated anonymously by two enormous evaluators who were responsible to the groups. J Med Edu Develop Center. It can also be helpful in planning an educational program and establishing the relationship among the various parts of the education and the priorities However, it is important to understand the meaning of this concept in order to enhance one's problem solving and decision-making abilities in clinical practice.

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