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Very different experiences than white modern poets and writers.

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You womens sho is hard to sense into things. He ran around the house with Missie May at his heels. She took it into her hands with trembling and saw first thing that it was no gold piece. He worked the night shift and Saturday was his only night off. Or totally wrong? While the story is set in the south, Hurston herself spent much time in New York and played an important role in the Harlem Renaissance —a time when black music, art and writing was alive with promise and talent. She begins an elaborate search of the yard, checking the shrubbery, under the porch, and up and down the street. It made him yearn painfully for Missie. Shelves: , short-story , literary-fiction It's a tale with an interesting concept though not original in our modern worldview -- a married couple with their traditions have a life uplifted by infidelity caused by some type of desire. He thought about children. A little boy child would be about right. Like always, she pretends to be mad that he is throwing the money and playfully chases him, then goes through his pockets to find a little present that he has bought her. The sight of the moon reflected on the lake touches his emotions, making him yearn for Missie May. We're not fans of cheating, but we think it was pretty bold for Hurston to tackle the theme, especially during the s.

The nine dollars hurled into the open door, he scurried to a hiding place behind the Cape jasmine bush and waited. Also, people are seen as two faced, which can be seen by both Otis D. Copy to Clipboard.

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One night Joe comes home complaining of back pain and asks Missie May to rub him with lineament oil. Slemmons and Missie May. A little boy child would be about right.

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No need to fling open the front door and sweep off the porch, making it nice for Joe. He considered a surprise attack upon the big clown that stood there laughing like a chessy cat. No more nothing. Joe still and quiet on one bed rail and Missie May wrung dry of sobs on the other. Outwardly, they persist as they always have, but their routine is devoid of its characteristic joy and liveliness. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations On the way home from the parlor, the couple exchange impressions about Slemmons. Joe found himself alone with Missie May, with the golden watch charm clutched in his left fist. Some time later, it is apparent that Missie May is pregnant. No laughter, no banter. It was a gilded half dollar. He asks Missie May to give him a massage and that night they end up sleeping together for the first time in a long time. The shapeless enemies of humanity that live in the hours of Time had waylaid Joe. Some varmint attacking his helpless wife, perhaps.

Their mealtime banter is silenced, and their Saturday afternoon romps cease. The problem of this story, other than a feeling of a lack of originality, is the dialogue is atrociously done.

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Ah got it! Active Themes Missie May continues to weep.

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Grateful for the chance. Slemmons looked at the window, but it was screened. She realizes that Slemmons was not a rich man after all, but a liar and a fake. Missie May runs to the door and searches the yard in mock anger, then chases Joe and wrestles playfully with him until she claims candy and other gifts from his pockets. Joe stood out like a rough-backed mountain between him and the door. The clerk turned to the next customer. He asks Missie May to give him a massage and that night they end up sleeping together for the first time in a long time. All seems fine and dandy at first; Joe buys her presents and Missie cooks up scrumptious feasts.

Some time later, it is apparent that Missie May is pregnant.

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