Synthesis of alum kal so4 2 12h2o

Synthesis of alum kal so4 2 12h2o

Disconnect the hose from the aspirator and then turn off the water. When crystals stop forming in the cooling solution, have your instructor initial your data sheet, giving approval to begin filtering the alum. What is the shape of an octahedron? Allow it to begin to cool while you prepare an ice bath, an ice-water mixture in a mL beaker. Transfer the reaction mixture to the filter paper in the funnel. Observe and record changes in the filtrate. Moisten the filter paper with mL of distilled water to make it adhere to the funnel, and discard this water. Excessive use of the aspirators causes flooding in the science building. Don't forget to bring the lab handouts back to the next lab period, because the lab report is due in the next lab period. Aluminum is considered a reactive metal, but because its surface is usually protected by a thin film of aluminum oxide, it reacts only slowly with acids. Rinse the filter paper with a small amount of distilled water. The crystals are usually in the form of octahedra. If time permits, cool the solution in an ice bath for 15 minutes, keeping it as motionless as possible.

Do not use the water aspirators to dry the crystals. Many combination of mono and tri-positive cations yield crystals of the same stoichiometry and structure, and alum is a general name for this type of compound. If no crystals form, scrape the bottom of the beaker with a stirring rod to create a rough place where crystals may begin to grow, or add a seed crystal.

Note: you will not use the second, taped filter flask shown as a trap in the lab handout.

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Determine the mass of a 7-cm circle filter paper. Place the foil in a reaction beaker labeled with your initials. Moisten the paper. Show how you obtained your theoretical and percent yields. Let the filtrate beaker sit undisturbed in the ice bath until crystals of alum are observed. Allow the reaction to proceed until all of the foil is dissolved.

Stop filtration when liquid is no longer dripping from the funnel into the flask. Don't forget to bring the lab handouts back to the next lab period, because the lab report is due in the next lab period. Vacuum filtration While the solution is cooling, set up a filtration assembly.

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Rinse the crystals with mL of cooled ethanol.

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Lab report on synthesis of Alum using Aluminum.