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This assessment of Divine justice by Kafka works on two levels. The trial of Patricia Campbell Hearst can be the pioneer of this. There was also a bottle of Gallo wine in the SLA safe house, not exactly a loyal gesture to the United Farm Workers it purported to support. There, they kept at the time only 19 year old Patricia in a small, disgusting closet.

In that context, they concluded that the CIA was planning to kill Black Panther leader Huey Newton and succeeded in killing black school superintendent Marcus Foster, after he agreed to meet Panther demands for educational reforms.

I was just supposed to be in there to get my picture taken, mainly. She was captured in San Francisco after 18 months. I am here because I am a member of a ruling-class family and I think you can begin to see the analogy. Members of a group that called themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army, also known as the SLA-which had been what you may say as?

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Patty had been kidnapped again. Her character reflects a person named Patty Campbell Hearst who was kidnapped in the seventies. Facing the charges of not acknowledging the gods the city acknowledges, and introducing other new divinities.

You gotta have standards.

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At her trial inthe philosophical paradox that has long plagued students of human consciousness--is there is or is there ain't free will?

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