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The findings from the research instruments were presented in the tables to make the analysis clearer and more illustrative. Safe food means that it is prepared, cooked, transported and served in a way that it will retain nutrients and minimize bacterial contamination and growth. Therefore, the students are satisfied 3.

theoretical framework about school canteen

A school utilizes a canteen to meet the food and Nutritional needs of its students in order for them to have the energy in to accomplish the task that they would do for the day.

The credibility of the themes was assessed by triangulating the data, which were based on documentation and the interviews in order to maximize breadth and range [ 27 ]. Magsilang Driver :Anna Lea G. Investopedia According to Sally Santacruzfood storage is extremely important, the food stored that are waiting for use can be breeding grounds for bacteria if they are not properly stored.

Acceptable to moderate test-retest reliability have been obtained for these measures of dietary behaviours in a previous Norwegian study conducted among year-olds [ 27 ]. Currently, many Australian government schools are slowly adopting the state guidelines that support healthy food implementation [ 3334 ] in school canteens although there is limited evidence showing how effective these food policies are.

Improving the school canteen was a really big factor to students because they can improve the other wrong they have made, and this suggestion can give some good atmosphere among the canteen staff and students. The managers were ambivalent between wanting to provide fresh alternatives for the students and not having the required bench space to do so.

Mobile canteens are used to provide food quickly to disaster workers and other temporary work crews, along with members of the military who are deployed on active duty. By virtue of Dep.

Students A noteworthy issue raised within this theme of provision of healthy food alternatives related to the gender differences in food choice from the canteen menu. This is consistent with system design research that establishes that a successful system design in schools requires unconditional support from the school principal for practical and sustainable change.

Research about school canteen in the philippines

After written consent was obtained from the principal of the school, 6 students from the 9th grade were selected by a 9th grade teacher from the school. Promotions can be simple and positive that is concerned only with the health of the students. Therefore, the differentiating school meal service depending on gender is recommended. Its sole purpose was to provide food and a facility to the British Troops stationed in India. The respondents were measured using the Likert 3-point scale and the Likert 5-point scale. Some of the school principals did concur that the financial decisions sometimes made by the council did not reflect healthy practice, especially when it came to fundraising and sponsorship at school sport events. Dela Cruz Vincent Ivan C. Research group members were present during data collection to answer questions and make sure the adolescents responded independently from each other. Certainly, this was the case in some of the schools. The aim of the present study was to gain a better understanding of the consumption habits of adolescents in the Norwegian school lunch arena. Dela Cruz Shiela Mae C. It is therefore important that daily diet contains the correct amount of all food listed in daily guide to good nutrition.
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