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Present your claim Use unbiased evidence from the text 3 2. Reason: The writer uses reasoning or logic to argue the point.

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Type a final draft of your essay. Choose a topic for your essay. When you counter-argue, you consider a possible argument against your opinion or some aspect of your reasoning.

Textual evidence 3.

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Examples: In the first place, as well as, similar, additionally, although, however, at the same time, besides, unlike, in the hope that, in order to, in general, for example, to emphasize, specifically, as a result, therefore, as shown above, as can be seen, in conclusion, overall, after all, in fact, for the most part, eventually, meanwhile, to begin with, and finally.

After choosing a topic, complete the prewriting exercise on the topic. Right — Some may think that eating well is enough, but exercise is also necessary.

The other person should know a lot about the topic or have some personal experience that is relevant. Examples: The writer describes an instance of something to illustrate the point. If you have two points in your thesis statement you will have two body paragraphs, each beginning with a topic sentence.

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How to Write and Argumentative Essay