Politics extended essay questions

How particular groups or individuals have struggled for political power.

Politics extended essay questions

How did the tax reform in country x affect its growth and development? How have changes in internal and external factors influenced the environmental value system of X country? Pull in some more advanced research, for example from political science professors.

A comparison of global political trends have had different effects in two countries.

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Also tell us about some weaknesses or limitations of each of the tools you are going to use. This shows us that you know a lot about these tools. The most common feedback I give to my students and those I help online is that you want to tighten your question. Consider this a place where you are doing a synthesis of your previous insights which were already a synthesis of the insights you had had, using the 7 Areas. What are the different factors that affect the iodine values in cooking oils? Show you have really reflected on your work. Does hand sanitizer, hand soap or antibacterial wipes have the greatest ability to inhibit the growth of E. To what extent is the Company x corporate waste management program effective, demonstrating environmental sustainability? How does the sugar concentration affect the refractive index of water? Aim for around pages of sources Remember that your EE should be mostly based on secondary sources. Use these as a springboard to create your own research question! How did the tax reform in country x affect its growth and development? Test 2: Can you be more specific? To what extent are public buses and subways substitute goods in a country? Obviously it is possible to make it too specific i.

Psychology Is there an association between viewing violence on television and the display of violent acts? Explain the significance of the issue and why it is worthy of investigation.

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Does brushing your teeth affect the pH in your mouth after eating? Not broad. However, there are a few reasons that they still might not work for you. There are a few more tests All of the above questions would be potentially-acceptable EE research questions.

How does the diameter of a wheel affect stability in different weather conditions?

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Extended Essay on Politics?