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However, even if Donne didn't frequent the ladies as often as we'd all like to imagine and even if Donne wasn't truly converted or sincere in his religious zeal, I avow that his mere association with unchecked sexual immorality in his youth gave him cause for grief and fear of death and likewise his mere association with religious principles and doctrines gave him cause for a hope in Christ and greater confidence over death.

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Donne may well have composed them at intervals and in unlike situations over some 20 years of his poetic career. It also might draw on "Meditation 17," explaining how Donne views death as a "translation" to a spiritual life. Sometimes, I want to seize Donne by his lapels and shout in his face: get your head out from under your lovers' bloomers! Young Donne presents a classic reminder of the debilitating effects bred in the human body as well as the mind by overt or covert take your pick unchecked sexual immorality. However, this value does not transcend to our modern existential contexts, as epitomised in W;t, where death, seen as a terrifying fate, is the end of everything. He couldn't. The poems he released were passed around in manuscript and transcribed by his admirers singly or in gatherings. Your time is important. Donne doesn't argue anything. In his early life his focus was on the love of women, and then it transitioned to the love of his wife, and ultimately the love of God. Prentice-Hall, Inc. Eroticism and deliverance as they coincide with death are perhaps two of the most interesting elements we discover in Donne. In this poem, the speaker tries to seduce a young woman by comparing the consequences of their lovemaking with those of an insignificant fleabite. His wife is the straight leg of the compass, providing the center-point around which he will travel and eventually return home, and he trusts her to stand firm, even while she leans in his direction wherever he might be. Others might note Donne's sustained sexual references in the Holy Sonnets and cite them as proof he didn't reform, that he was still the same-a pervert.

According to Guss, "There are, then, three aspects of Donne's purely sexual poems which are of primary significance: their promiscuity; their abstract, naturalistic arguments; and their insistence that Donne is without illusion" Guss Answer: In "The Anniversary," Donne most directly addresses his marriage.

Targoff, Ramie. Wayne State University Press. For this poet such coincidences of words and ideas are not mere accidents to be juggled with in jest.

Donne was born in on Bread Street in London. Metaphysical poetry is characterized as being difficult poetry that questions life and religion.

In an essay entitled "John Donne," Achsah Guibbory supports this reading of the poem, stating, "The world of love contains everything of value; it is the only one worth exploring and possessing. Since so, my minde Shall not desire what no man else can finde, I'll no more dote and runne To pursue things which had indammag'd me.

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The voice then changes at line twenty-eight. It would seem young Donne couldn't get enough of his own imagination.

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