Phase modulation

phase modulation advantages and disadvantages

In phase modulation, the frequency of a carrier wave changes for a short period due to the change in phase of a carrier wave. Now it is widely used along with quadrature amplitude modulation which incorporates phase elements to its operation as well as amplitude.

This is because the relationship between phase and frequency variations is not linear;that is, phase and frequency do not vary in direct proportion. So quickly another modulation technique emerged in FM or frequency modulation. Of course, that situation is not very interesting.

However, the signal-to-noise SNR of the phase modulation is not as good as frequency modulation.

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A radio frequency signal consists of an oscillating carrier in the form of a sine wave is the basis of the signal. Each phase angle that is, each shift from one phase state to another represents a specific digital input data state.

Phase modulation

In practice, the phase modulation and frequency modulation are dependent on each other. This was last updated in September Related Terms. Organizing binary bits into 3 bytes corresponds to 8 different conditions. Here is a question for you, what is a self-phase modulation? Phase difference between signals Phase modulation works by modulating the phase of the signal, i. If you want to see what is going to happen in optical modulation in the future, just look at what happened in radio in the past. If we want to transmit a signal from one place to another, then we need to make the signal stronger. However, the phase modulation and frequency modulation are not directly proportional to each other. Each bit is sent to a different location to control a certain aspect of the modulator. In digital PM, the carrier phase shifts abruptly, rather than continuouslyback and forth.

Increase in phase lead is equivalent to an increase in frequency. Frequency modulation will result in phase modulation if the signal is differentiated first.

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