Personal life and money

Save up an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses so you aren't tempted to use a credit card to cover them.

types of personal finance

Negotiating whenever the opportunity presents itself. Look for areas in which you can cut your budget to increase the cash available for your debt payments.

why is personal finance important

You make X amount of dollars, you spend Y amount, and you try to make sure Y is less than X. A long-term, loving partnership goes hand in hand with this.

Some banks— like SimpleAllyor Capital One —are online-only. Opening your bills when you get them. Then, there's investing discipline; it's just for thick-skinned institutional money managers who make their living buying and selling stocks. You need to unapologetically own what you want in life and go after it.

Meditation, prayer, and self-reflection can really help you out here. Many people obtain assistance from professionals such as accountantsfinancial plannersinvestment advisersand lawyers.

personal finance basics
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Personal finance