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Westwood B, Westwood G: Assessment of newspaper reporting of public health and the medical model: a methodological case study. Many libraries are freely shared.

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This information includes the date, volume number, and price. Check facts before concluding Read over the article and where necessary provide support for all claims. Use the inverted pyramid format it is advisable to use the inverted format. They offer an opinion and convey a message about an important issue in an amusing, entertaining, or poignant visual depiction. Intranet - A private computer network inside a company or organisation for internal use only. Linotype - A machine for the mechanical setting of type, the brainchild of Ottmar Merganthaler of Baltimore, to whom all praise be given. Many claim that Flash players are unstable and inefficient, slowing down web pages and crashing operating systems. Flash - A program used to display design-heavy, animated content. The editorial staff determines content policy and creates a collective voice or view. Popularized by web site Twitter, which limits users to character updates. The topic could be of a national scope or it could be a local story. Font - Typeface. It is popular because it is a free and flexible alternative to expensive systems like Oracle.

Location-based services — A service, usually in a mobile Web or mobile device application, that uses your location in order to perform a certain task, such as finding nearby restaurants, giving you directions, or locating your friends.

You can often find reports about new inventions, innovation, and advances in technology.

Newspaper editing terms

Front Page The first page of a newspaper includes the title, all the publication information, the index, and the main stories that will capture the most attention. Every time is the first time Provide background information. Any direct reproduction of text should be kept to an absolute minimum, appear in quotes, and be clearly attributed to its source. Long tail - The effect of publishing content online and keeping it available in an archive. This is often a restatement of the leading statement or a statement indicating potential future developments relating to the article topic. Folio The folio includes the publication information and is often located under the name of the paper. Leading questions - A question that contains the predicted answer within the question.

The editorial will offer the newspaper's view of an issue. The topic could be of a national scope or it could be a local story.

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Basic programming code used for the design and display of web pages. Twitter has implemented geotagging, and Facebook has announced plans to do so.

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Intranet - A private computer network inside a company or organisation for internal use only. Free-to-air - TV service received without having to decode or pay. Joomla — A free, open-source content management built in PHP.

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Using HTML5 will allow web pages to work more like desktop applications. Microblogging - Variant of traditional blogging in which users write brief text messages over the web.

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Newspaper Terminology