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Once the differences have been understood, have students split up into pairs or small groups 3 to 4 students Using the worksheet, small groups should write their own newspaper articles using the headlines provided or come up with their own stories.

how to write a newspaper article for school

Ask students to work in teams of to come up with a story including these words. Activities Guess the headline Cut out a number of headlines and from each one remove an interesting word e.

You can even add advertisements for made-up products.

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The unlucky buyer was forced to recognize that he or she had indeed purchased a forgery. Partners need to try and guess which of the facts are true and which have been changed.

The nut graph is the paragraph that contains the core information about the story and tells the reader why the story is important.

How to write a newspaper article grade 6

This particular worksheet uses a newspaper article to get students to think about traffic police. Get students to read aloud their own versions - this can create a lot of laughs! Stick the incomplete headlines on a piece of paper, photocopy and distribute to teams of students. Ask a different student at the end of each class to find an interesting newspaper article and to summarise it to the other students during the next class, explaining why they chose it. Newspaper Worksheets for writing newspaper articles and for analyzing existing newspaper articles:. The writer of a newspaper article is often not credited; if the author is mentioned, this credit is called the author's byline. This lesson focuses on calling students' attention to this type of writing style on a deeper, grammatical level.

Possible list: A job advert. The writer of a newspaper article is often not credited; if the author is mentioned, this credit is called the author's byline.

Newspaper article format for students

Continue Reading. Before you begin, read and analyze some newpaper articles to see how professional reporters write. A newspaper is a daily or weekly publication that contains news articles, editorials, and other items. This can be quite a lively activity! That's what happened to an anonymous telephone bidder who purchased Sunflowers in the Wind at the Peinture Company in Paris, France. Most newspapers have an online version, where you can print off articles, e. Choose eight key words from the article and write them on the board. Updated April 28, Students often read newspapers for a wide variety of reasons, not least of which is to keep informed in English.

This gives students more practice as well as some input on the content of their course.

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Newspaper reading activities