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The competition that comes with equality brings many great long-term advances that would not happen if one company ruled an entire market. As of now this has been working, but eventually the ISPs will have to provide a real solution to their outdated networks when they run out of space from other websites to give to heavy-data-using sites. The network they are on is over-capacity and can't handle the increased number of online users during these hours. Importance of Net Neutrality Net neutrality is the ability to search, read and research various topics online without outside influence on the content. They decided to create a powerful web browser that gave people access to all the features they wanted: Google Chrome. Michael Weinberg of publicknowledge. They would prioritize the connections that need more bandwidth and make other light websites load slower. These music streaming companies are obviously paying T-Mobile to make up for what T-Mobile looses by giving the data away for free. According to Sandvine Intelligent Broadband Networks, a networking equipment company based in Canada with a vast configuration of equipment with data collecting abilities around North America, "Netflix continues to be the unchallenged leader for traffic [In North America], accounting for By integrating companies and making long term deals, there become fewer middlemen making it cheaper to give you access to these services. Eventually, with the increase of data usage, the upgrades will still be necessary. Making money isn't the main purpose of Google Fiber but it showed just how archaic today's Internet providers really are.

The other services will be unable to compete and eventually shutdown, allowing Netflix to charge more for their subscriptions, provide fewer updates, and stop innovating.

Without these rules it would allow ISPs to be more efficient. Net Neutrality has been an issue that has been in history for a long time, and may be the most controversial one that has reached congress in Online sales currently make up 6.

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The immediate effects of situations like this are always good, but this makes it so that other companies can't compete. According to data released by M-Lab which claims to provide the largest collection of open Internet performance data on the planet, speeds for downloading data off of Netflix's server dropped to an average of about.

net neutrality research paper pdf

It further explores if the exponential development within the web-based facilities costs instigates a descending sequence on the internet and hence killing it. Monopolies like this have been proven time after time to be bad for the economy as all of their competition dies out and there is no longer any need to improve their services.

Eventually more money will be spent by shoppers online than in stores and many other services that you pay for will also be converted to online purchasing formats -- this will affect everyone.

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Companies are illegally making undisclosed deals and contracts to try to put their competitors out of business.

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