My grandmothers funeral

Games were part of her life and many of those same games are now part of our lives.

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Then we knew you were ready. Moreover, she donated much of her time to others.

Letter to my grandma at her funeral

Her door was always open - literally. She loved to play games and was a phenomenal card and game player. The harder you swam, the more she opened up the floodgates for you! While we honor all our mothers With words of love and praise. You gave me life, you gave me love. And have the most glorious celebration and bringing in the New Year. Just tell her I loved her one more time. Longfellow One of our site visitors, Debra Denise McKelvy of Azle, Texas, sent us this beautiful story and two poems she wrote about her grandmother. I remembered that one day I too shall pass.

I went back to Minnesota this summer, for a very different reason. Especially those home made valentine cards!

Tribute to my grandmother who passed away

You showed me the value of a song. Thank you I am forever grateful. Knitting, crocheting, and working on her award winning liquid embroidery that she loved to do; the items she made and were often donated to organizations to support a charitable cause. You convinced me it was no big deal. You want to find the best poem appropriate for a funeral reading that relates to your special grandmother and granddaughter relationship. I am not young, I am 48 and I just never wanted to let her go. Somehow throughout my life, I have been put in situations again and again where I am invited on a stage to speak in front of many people. But this time, I welcomed it all. We loved you and held your hand until it was time to go. Especially those home made valentine cards! Find the words below. My family was pretty cool about it and they don't seem to hold any hard feelings about it they might I don't know , but to be honest I regret the decision I made. And she remains to be an anchor in this community, bringing us together. In the final days of holding her hand, I remembered the preciousness of life.

She did the things that angels should: She taught me what was bad and good, She gave me hope when no one cared, She held my hand when I was scared, She cheered me up when I was down She could make a smile from a frownShe doctored me when I was sick, And many another angel trick.

My family was pretty cool about it and they don't seem to hold any hard feelings about it they might I don't knowbut to be honest I regret the decision I made.

My grandmothers funeral

She was independent. She showed me I could face my fears. Especially seeing your Mother and Father once again were priceless. As a child they were gifts of joy and sweetness. If flowers grow in heaven, Lord, then pick a bunch for me. Posts I actually ran into a similar similar situation where I didn't go to my grandmother's funeral. Offer these pewter angel charms at the funeral as a small reminder of your mother, and they will bring comfort to her family and friends.

We know you were eager and very happy to go. Pushing a point with Grandma was like swimming against a very strong current.

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In every one of these dreams she was dressed from head to toe in one of her finest matching outfits, wearing bright red lipstick, as we all remember her. I wrote these poems for her funeral and I would like to share them with the world of her last Day.

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We long for a few more minutes or even a few more seconds.

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What I Said At My Grandmother's Memorial