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His religious experience was however accompanied by an authentic questioning of part of the Catholic heritage which had been handed down to every French Canadian of the period. Thus, in objecting to the timber trade, to massive investments in transportation, which was undergoing a total upheaval, and to banks, he had the feeling that he was working against those responsible for the economic bondage of the French Canadians, and he believed also that he was doing away with a developing aristocracy.

Louis joseph papineau essay

In his opinion, it was necessary to give the elected assembly more power. By the midth century, rising Italian nationalism and calls for independence from foreign control led to a period of revolutionary political upheaval. Papineau ambitioned a democratic republic. Unanimity does not seem to have prevailed among them. In the late 18th century, when there was a sizeable increase in the number of censitaires and the real estate market was flourishing, he was well placed to conduct numerous property transactions in both town and country. From his urban practice was growing and included merchants, builders, and land speculators. David, Les deux Papineau Montreal, ; N. By refusing to interfere with the seigneurial system, he sanctioned the status and economic privileges of the clergy. Story, Papineau in exile Can. My own stock portfolio had lost a third of its value. He lent his support to the Institut Canadien, and he may be regarded as having been a sort of godfather to the Parti rouge. Their terms only swelled the discontent, and rebellion took shape.

He supported the eventual creation of an independent navy, but did not want it to be under British command, as Laurier had planned. Clearly in this period Papineau was gathering a working knowledge of the parliamentary system and did not yet fully identify himself as an opponent of the English-speaking bourgeoisie.

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In his youth he had great faith in British Institutions and believed that the Quebec Act was all that French Canada needed to ensure a successful development. By his marriage with Julie Bruneau he had had three boys and two girls, but only the two latter remained by his side.

The British-based government would evade the assembly in every way possible and he saw it as a poor base and example for the French Canadian to follow. In his mind, the good faith of Britain could not be called in question. In this contingency, armed revolt was not to take place until December, after the freeze-up. Here is an indissoluble alliance. His involvement in the Rebellions of has been described as "ambiguous;" among other things, he destroyed documents and encouraged his subordinates to do the same. I noticed a drastic change in the way that many of my friends and family were living. He probably saw an assembly as the best means of protecting the rights of the French-speaking community.

His stay in France, where his wife and three of his children went to join him, produced no political result. The answer is that Louis Joseph Papineau was the greatest revolutionary in Canadian history.

He surveyed the boundaries of their seigneuries, making a number of plans, and checked the limits of various censives seigneurial areas. He certainly envisaged society as a lay society, with churches separate from the state.

As leader of the Canadian Party, which later became the Patriot Party, he made an important speech in the House of Assembly on February 28,on the Ninety-two Resolutions which criticized the oligarchic system of the government.

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