Light affect on plant growth

Pfr is important because it triggers plant growth, but it slowly reverts back to Pr over time when the plant is located in the dark. They mainly absorb blue and red wavelengths of the light spectrum.

To provide the same temperature during plant exposure to HL intensity as the growth chamber temperature, plants were illuminated with LED production modules Iran Grow Light Co.

This is a simple definition of the process of photosynthesis that happens in a plant leaf in the presence of chlorophyll and sunlight. The relative spectra of the light treatments are shown in Fig.

what effect does light have on plant growth independent variable

Far Red Light: This light can cause plant elongation and trigger flowering in long-day plants. For instance, intercrop lighting using LEDs is nowadays used to promote photosynthesis of the middle and lower leaves.

The module consisted of LEDs equipped with three fan ventilators to reduce the heat produced in the module.

how does green light affect plant growth

Plants do not respond to invisible light rays in the ultra violet range, and invisible red is actually heat. The non-destructive analysis of polyphasic fast chlorophyll transient by the so-called OJIP test was developed for quick evaluation of biophysical aspects of photosynthesis especially under stress conditions Strasser ; Mathur et al.

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How Light Affects Plant Growth