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Did you approach this book in a different way?

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All books take many mammals and I count my lucky stars I crossed stardust paths with Rhonda. And we do.

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Do you think women writers face a different set of literary challenges than their male counterparts? All my work tells secrets, and I use the vocabulary I gleaned from my origins—psychotherapy textbooks, the texts I read over and over, and the catalog of images that filled my childhood.

Anakana Schofield: Firstly thank you Lidia for taking precious time to do this.

My hunger is toward evolving my own vision, and not toward being liked or accepted or getting attention or fame, for one thing. Market forces are shaping our reading and readers should be suspicious of this and in my view reject it. I wondered where and how the women fit into the story. The momentum of my appetites—as when I was an active drug addict, a sex worker, and in bondage to an excoriating and relentless love affair—is not an easy thing to arrest, let alone reverse. Hughes shared: COW was breaking the usual memoir format. I was speaking body to body. And the bodies of women are written over with his violence. My hunger. He paints with the fluids of a self outside language and thought, he paints in barbaric attacks of color on the canvas of white.

We live with the results of that harm. The only thing that can do it is intense self-scrutiny coupled with the love and witness of other people, and possibly also, God whatever that may mean. You are very open and frank about these experiences. Why hide that fact?

Ever since our sex panel in Portland in the idea of a literature of the body that talks to and from the body or explores its complexities has been humming for me. I wondered where and how the women fit into the story. Sometimes I wear them to feel privately fantastic. Also Brecht. Once, when I was in the midst of that relentless love affair, I called my mother. In , Kesey was arrested for marijuana possession as well as a faked suicide, and he spent about six months in jail. In some ways I think of her as a sister, certainly of the body and soul, even as our lives are not the same. I think young and emerging women writers are caving in too readily to the confessional often style less as the only means to establish a publishing platform. How does that differ from the book published by Hawthorne? The physical and emotional intensities of each so-called character ARE the content. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including a NEA literature fellowship and a Bread Loaf scholarship. First, I exposed my supposed brokenness to someone else. The Millions' future depends on your support. I can see the places in my own prose where each of their voices rose. Reaching for forms.
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