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The most important thing philosophers should study is the Form of the Good a. Socrates supposes that almost all of its citizens—not quite all d—e —have to reach their fullest psychological potential, but it is not clear that anyone has to do more than this.

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Then he distinguishes the function of the spirited part from the functions of the two other parts ee. The basic division of the world into philosophers, honor-lovers, and money-lovers also illuminates what Socrates means by talking of being ruled by one part of the soul.

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Plato says that the tyrant is the completely unjust man and the philosopher king is a completely just man. Socrates concludes this first argument with a ranking of the individuals in terms of happiness: the more just one is the happier b-c.

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He argued against Karl Popper's literal view, citing Cicero 's opinion that the Republic's true nature was to bring to light the nature of political things. Griswold and Marshall Each of the three classes of society, in fact, is dominated by one of the three parts of the soul.

Socrates points out that when freedom is taken to such an extreme it produces its opposite, slavery ea.

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Finally, a person is just just in case all three parts of her soul are functioning as they should d12—e2; cf. The only way to make sure that philosophy is properly appreciated and does not meet hostility is to wipe an existing city clean and begin it anew a. The only reason that men are just and praise justice is out of fear of being punished for injustice. Poetry, in sum, makes us unjust. More practically, Socrates suggests that members of the lower classes could rise to the higher ruling class, and vice versa, if they had 'gold' in their veins—a version of the concept of social mobility. They want freedom with no restraints, they want all and they want all for themselves. True education is the turning around of the soul from shadows and visible objects to true understanding of the Forms c-d. The rulers are the rational aspect of the soul, the auxiliaries are the spirited aspect of the soul, and the farmers and craftsmen are the appetitive aspect of the soul. But as Socrates clarifies what he means, both free love and male possessiveness turn out to be beside the point. As the Republic falls because of failure in eugenics , it will turn into a Timocracy, and will be ruled by lovers of honor.
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