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Have a nice evening. You will have so much fun.

Informal introduction in english

And this is my brother-in-law, Rick. Hey, what do you think of this shirt? Certainly, but only on the surface. Hi honey! Peter: It's a pleasure to meet you. Introducing Yourself In this example, Peter and Jane are meeting for the first time at a social event. I've got the same shirt! As we took the field before a game, a guy on the other team strutted over, probably picking me out because I was clearly the oldest player on the field.

Smith is an economist. I don't think you know name May I introduce you to name namedo you know name?

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Spanish, American, German, etc. It's nice to meet you, Dr.

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Oh, here comes my husband. Sorry, the phone is cutting out. The best connections never come from speaking; they always come from listening. I was more than cool with that, because the banter signaled a camaraderie and acceptance that is never given but earned. It is a wonderful place. They're excellent. Edward Smith.

I much prefer basketball. No, I wasn't at Steve's party. I like to swim and play ball games like tennis, badminton, table tennis.

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Edward Smith.

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Introducing Yourself in English