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At the behest of their creators, films like The Graduate , financed and released by a small studio ; Easy Rider , financed by a small studio ; and Midnight Cowboy , the first X-rated film financed and released by a major studio challenged narrative conventions and social mores. A wide screen TV. The History Channel. Since we are Filipinos, we should patronize our own Tagalog movies, although Western films has its influence to our local movies. More than 4, theatres or 23 percent of the total had shut their doors. What is the level of effectiveness of Philippine independent films as: a watchdog? It is often said that Hollywood makes its films for the fifteen to twenty-five year old boys, while the independent film world makes its films for those who have a bit more life under their belt. If you love movies, independent or otherwise, you are most likely a subscriber to this or a like service. For years, Filipino independent filmmakers like Kidlat Tahimik Perfumed Nightmare, , Raymond Red Anino, , and Brillante Mendoza Kinatay, among many others have received critical acclaim worldwide. A comfortable chair. You need to be able to recognize where you fit on the filmmaking spectrum. However, we have to stress the real definition of art — that it is a construct. A full supply of dramas - Law and Order. If you respect your collaborators, your cast and your crew, you still need to pay them.

A comfortable chair. Their primary focus falls on the effect of viewing in the attitudes of the viewer as opposed to created behavior. Lewis J.

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The encouragement of the movie makers to the viewers to the messages to the movie makers becomes negative. Many other things that were pertinent to the American Independent Cinema movement also arose such as the emergence of video as a media form. As film festivals, competitions and distribution channels such as Cinemalaya and Cinema One have motivated young maverick filmmakers in recent years, indie films have become synonymous to creative content and perspectives for many Filipinos today.

Specifically, a reception analysis which aims to identify the aspect, and system of communication Philippine independent film has that dominates Filipinos when it comes to their perspective in political and social issues and how this films deliver their messages.

Indie cinema always competes with Hollywood for viewers.

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Let me list them here in no special order, with only the briefest of discussion. It catches a lot of attention even without entering the mainstream, simply because the industry has elevated into a different level already. Other differences are absence of special visual effects, intellectual theme of the author. That means that a recreational function of cinema art places the last position. It is important that independent cinema always touches sharp, social and personal problems of people. Independent cinema is a springboard for many young directors who start their career with indie cinema. Their movies are very realistic. They dictate the rules of this business making. This design is also used so that there would be a balance answer coming from those who study and familiarizes themselves with films and its effects on viewers and those who does not. Not a bad way to watch a film. These films are often more artistic in origination rather than following some tried and true formula. Ellen Ripley.

One of these is the prevalent theme of poverty that exoticizes, even exploits, Filipino poverty. Everyone loves Netflix. One is intellectual that prefer to think and another wants to dream about light future and believe in an ideal American society.

Levy E. Business practices notwithstanding, The Studio System was a well-oiled machine that got the job done.

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Related literatures and studies will be analyzed in order to support and provide more information to the answers provided by the respondents together with the summarized findings of the questionnaire.

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The Independent Film System is Broken (and Some Advice on How to Succeed Anyway)