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The book is still better, but isn't that almost always the case? The second thing I would do for future films would be to try to push to find the greater depth of character and story that we get in the books.

They go to capitol and train for about 2 weeks, then go in the arena trying to be the last one left, until they made the rule two people from the same district can live but if they are from different districts one of them will be killed.

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Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. In the book, the technology is a bit painfully glossed over and was one of my biggest complaints about it. This book ends with Catkins and PETA winning the Hunger Games and the two of them returning to District 12 with mixed feelings for each other, and an unforgettable experience. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Your time is important. C Valdeon J. Even with the combining and cutting that was done, the supporting cast is quite frankly an embarrassment of riches, especially considering how little screen time most of these heavy hitters actually get. There is no reason the world building here cannot be equal to what we have seen in the Harry Potter films. The Capitol is the center of the state, and shows the contrast between the poverty conditions of the districts around it, and the extreme luxury that they have in The Capitol. The Party brainwashes people into thinking the same way as it and kills those who so much as disagree with it.

Tucci also got a surprising and welcome amount of screen time. They end up being the last two standing and to rebel against the Capitol, and they decide they will kill themselves at the same time so that there is no single winner. This was extremely well done - from bringing in Snow earlier and making him more key now, to showing the beginnings of an uprising in District 11 during the games.

However, certain changes were made that influence our perception of the movie.

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I frequently had trouble imagining how the technology of Panem and the games worked, but the film effortlessly solves this with visuals and it was easily the biggest advantage the film had over the book. The state craves for the morbid feeling of seeing people fight for their lives, which show how humans can be corrupted until being even J.

Both fictitious stories have many similarities and differences. His mother is abusive, and Katniss witnessed her hitting him at the bakery in the past.

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A small percentage of the population are members of the Inner Party, and they live like royalty. Winston Smith, a member of the Outer Party, and Katniss Everdeen, a girl from the districts, are the protagonist from each story. There are simple ways to do this that will make all the difference in the final cut. She allies herself with Peeta, a fellow player from her district. As you can see, they have many differences but few similarities. The Capitol sits high above the districts, but its rulers fail to realize that the districts could one day rebel. An exception to this is the technology in Panem, which is thankfully fleshed out and well realized in the film. Katniss is a very independent person, though Peeta depends on his family and the bakery.

The Action In some ways the film is just a glorified dystopian action movie, since much of the love story has been jettisoned. The book benefits from Katniss' POV, while the film benefits from the third person omniscient.

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Book vs. Film: The Hunger Games