How to write a job share proposal

How to write a job share proposal

Salary changes should not have any new impact on payroll processing. Still others want more time for hobbies or interests in the community. Review the job description and any other relevant information on the role. That means sharing in both the successes and the failures of the team and being willing to think of the partnership as its own entity. This contract will help get the partnership off on the right foot and head off potential problems down the road. Increased job satisfaction results inincreased customer satisfaction. The questions should help them sort through the issues and make the right decision. Gray Wave Institute Date. Alternative to Position Abolishment and Hiring Freezes Voluntary job sharing can be a way to counteract position abolishment. Task Analysis Look over the specific tasks listed in your job description. Get copies of all relevant policies e. You have to put your case forward to your employer, so it must be solid. Supervisor 2. Draw up a contract.

Sometimes this doesn't happen. Here are six tips for making job sharing work for you.

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Increased productivity. Training Time Most new employees need time from their supervisors for general orientation and on-the-job skills training. Case study 2: Put respect first Several years back, Ryan Frischmann decided he wanted to get into software development so he applied for a job as a lead developer at a small start-up in Rochester. Both are likely to quit if no options are offered. Your proposal needs to include the following: The benefits of job sharing for your employer: they must know what is in it for them. Be vigilant about communicating with her about the arrangement. The evaluation criteria should be established prior to entering into the job share agreement. Some of these benefits are I. There may be some additional costs to job sharing. Disadvantages of Job Sharing for Employees There are some disadvantages to job sharing that employees can avoid if they know about them. Sharing a job is a good option for employees at any stage of their careers, but it can be especially appealing for workers plus who might want to start scaling back their hours. How Job Sharing Works Job sharing means that the duties of one full-time position are shared by two people. But, before raising the issue with them, you need to be well prepared.

This meant a lot to me. It can be used in any number of situations,on an ongoing or as-needed basis, including the following examples: An alternative to layoffs and temporary help; An apprenticeship or training program; A potential accommodation for those with permanent or temporarydisabilities; A way to retain valued employees during life changes, e.

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Partners can cover for each other in cases of illness or special leave. Seven of our most experienced testers are over the age of This collaborative way of thinking can require an attitude adjustment for people who have spent their whole careers getting ahead as individuals, but it's vital to having a successful job-sharing arrangement.

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This needs to be tempered by an awareness that a quorum of two is not a full picture, so be aware of being open to hearing a wider range of views beyond your shared perspective.

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How to Make a Job Sharing Situation Work