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Often neglected and forgotten in the World of street art, South Africa has a wide variety, forming many styles of art from the dangerous street side of illegal graffiti through to the large scale murals adorning the city streets of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

CW: The future for South African urban art is very, very bright. And what does the future hold for you? Naus, originally from Johannesburg is a wildstyle graffiti artist mixing his love for graffiti and typography.

I learnt a lot on the journey and was particularly fascinated by the early days as there was very little recorded documentation available from this stage.

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Full of traditional African symbolism and style. He switches between the traditional graffiti wordings and more modern design patterns to come out with a very interesting style.

Keeping true to his heritage, he spreads his love for his country through his art. Cale Waddacor: I have been a passionate follower of global graffiti culture for many years, collecting books and following blogs regularly.

There will be book launches and parties happening soon, the first in Cape Town at the end of January at Side Street Studios, so stay tuned! Faith47 Faith 47 was born in South Africa and has blessed the streets with here haunting majestic artworks, she now travels displaying her skills on high rise buildings and large walls across the world.

What did you learn about the local history of graffiti art? We have some amazing artists who are getting better each day and all can compete on the global scale.

Here is a top 25 list of street artists and Graffiti artists you need to know coming out of sunny South of Africa.

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