Globalisation and its effect on individuals humanity

impact of globalization on international politics

Related Papers. Human Development Report. In the meantime, their populations are being inundated by globalization processes from the advanced industrial countries.

Globalisation and its effect on individuals humanity

Societies that were once traditional, community-oriented, informal, and personal are now suddenly exposed to the formal, abstract character of modern institutions, the economic detachment of the state, and a more competitive political economy. When a consensus, or form of consent between the two is fully fashioned, a hegemonic order is said to be in existence. Globalization has significant impact on local entities. Robert Cox describes the role of the state in the internationalization of global capital this way: First, there is a process of interstate formation regarding the need or requirements of the world economy that takes place within a common ideological framework - Second, participation in this consensus formation is hierarchically structured. Religion and Humane Global Governance. Although many trade blocs were established and many industrial and economic nations have emerged as a response to this process, the rules of this process have contributed to the collapse of many national economies. As globalization increases the level of prosperity, so also is poverty becoming globalized. According to Peter L. London: Michelman.

Although developing countries contribute in away or another to this process, yet they do not yield the benefits of this contribution.

The key challenge is to manage globalisation processes better than they have been managed in the past.

effects of globalization

The transmitted models classical and neo-classical development models and their elements of profit maximization, the invisible hand, rugged individualism, and the like have often destabilized and confused many developing states Williams, Third, the internal structures of states are adjusted so that each can best transform the global consensus into national policy and practice.

Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh, Rep. The quantitative and qualitative effects of this process are seen in many aspects of human life.

Solution to the negative effects of globalization

International Political Economy Series. Cox, Robert W. Conclusion The indicators of poverty and inequality reveal that the neoliberal theory of globalization is aggravating issues of food, health, personal, and other insecurities in developing nations. In the maquiladoras of Mexico, many of the impoverished workers blame their economic and health struggles on the Mexican state which has crushed union movements and allowed companies to violate national and international laws Stackhouse, This means recognising that globalisation does not have a predetermined trajectory, but is taking a particular form that favours certain interests while disadvantaging others. While the transition from primary allegiance to the family unit, community, ethnic, or tribal group to primary allegiance to the state may be beneficial in the long-run, in the short-run it causes a great deal of psychological uncertainty, problems of material deprivation, and general social dislocation. The plant was Six Sigma certified and, he said, workers clearly had pride. The vacuum created by the forces of liberalization contributes to a process of atomization manifested in psychological uncertainty or a loss of security attachment to government. Relations of dominance an subordination thus persist because hegemony is often sufficient to ensure political, economic, and social conformity of behavior in most nation-states and population groups, most of the time. Globalization represents a challenge to cultural and local languages. Positive and Negative Affects of Globalization The previous introduction shows that globalization has both positive and negative effects on the various aspects of human life. In other words, almost one-third of the developing world's population about 1. These are the following United Nations Development Programme, : 1. While the role of transnational capital is central in the construction of this transnational hegemonic bloc, the national state is seen as playing a major mediating role.

Indeed, peoples should globalize themselves within the religious sphere and common values to build a more just world. Positive Effects of Globalization There are some positive effects brought with the process of globalization: 1.

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Globalization and Human Security