Filipino epic fable legend

The four beings watched the growth for a long time and were well pleased with the work, but finally Melu said, "Of what use is this earth and all the rattan and fruit if there are no people?

Notes by Mabel Cook Cole: Lumawig is the greatest of all spirits and now lives in the sky, though for a time his home was in the Igorot village of Bontoc. Melu did not wish any assistance, and a great argument ensued.

The Creation Story Tagalog When the world first began there was no land, but only the sea and the sky, and between them was a kite a bird something like a hawk. When thoroughly mixed, this clay is placed on a board on the ground, and the potter, kneeling before it, begins her molding.

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He married a Bontoc girl, and the stones of their house are still to be seen in the village. These epics and fables are not in their entirety as they have been summarized by Alcina and much of the rich verses and sequences that tell of what the heroes and heroines in the epics do, the challenges, exploits, deeds, and interaction with the spirits, ancestors, deities, and mythological creatures, are for the most part left out.

Instead, she sent to tell him that he had to do the same thing with the towns subject to Mindanao and those of the island of Jolo. And she said nothing more. When they are free they are poured into a mortar and again pounded with the pestle until the grain is separated from the chaff, after which it is winnowed.

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Creation Myths from the Philippines