Explain a relevant ethical theory on gun control

This chartcompiled by the Roper Center, provides a summary of public opinion on the issue since Contemporary moral philosophers are noted, or perhaps notorious, for their use of hypothetical examples.

Sometimes, the term is also used to cover related matters, like limits on types of ammunition and magazines, or technology, like the type that allows guns to fire only when gripped by their owners.

Explain a relevant ethical theory on gun control

In Congress and in more conservative and rural states, gun control tends to be a non-starter. Professor Lafollette tells the hosts how they have to consider the lack of empirical evidence and intense political debates before they move on to the philosophical issues at hand.

ethical theories on gun control

The N. For generations, the Supreme Court avoided directly answering the question, though its decisions were often seen as favoring the collective interpretation.

One might add that if advocates in the US really believed their own statistics, they would not have acted so successfully to stifle government funding for empirical research on gun violence.

gun control in america
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A Challenge to Gun Rights