Essay writing toefl test

She interviewed police officers, to find out if the job would be what she expected, and she rode along with them while they were on duty, to learn what it would be like.

Just keep practicing until next time, and good luck! Integrated Writing: Task Breakdown. How to write a high-scoring introductory paragraph - Part 1 How to write a high-scoring introductory paragraph - Part 2 How to write a high-scoring body paragraph How to write a high-scoring conclusion paragraph Sign up for a 7 day free trial to access this lesson.

Essay writing toefl test

Your response will be judged on the basis of the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the points in the lecture and their relationship to the reading passage. The three main points made in the reading are effectively supported by the lecturer. Discuss the advantage of the subject. How well you develop and support your ideas. Third, influetial people might emerge, and lead the group towards glory or failure. When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Which place would you prefer to live in?

This indicated that whatever was affecting the otters was also affecting the other sea mammals. A few years ago some of the sea otter populations off the Alaskan coast started to decline rapidly, which raised several concerns because of their important role in the coastal ecosystem.

First, the question might give you two subjects and could ask you to compare and contrast them.

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This was another part where experience contradicted theory. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Michael: The writer's first supporting point is that relating to students is a job of a counselor, not a teacher, and that teachers without content knowledge are simply not good teachers. Give reasons and examples to support your answer. Here are examples of the second variation: Some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports. Introduction The introductory paragraph contains the general background information about the essay topic and a thesis statement. The next time you write about a similar topic, you will be able to utilize them in your writing and add your own ideas. Compare aspects of two subjects. For example, he is now learning anatomy, algebra, biology and geometry which are all science and math courses. I mean, when else do you have to race against a clock to finish an essay?

One, find essays in news magazines or websites that express opinions. However, the lecturer disputes this point. Support your choice with specific examples.

This is a complete practice TOEFL, but it does include several sample essays along with score explanations so you can get a more in-depth look at how and why different essays received the scores they did.

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