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After generating criteria we need to apply criteria to our ideas to solve problems. Yes, we likely need empathy to get ethics off the ground, and to stimulate our concern for the suffering of others, but we cannot rely on empathy alone to lead the way.

Arguments for speciesism

Category: Ethics Word Count: Human beings use non-human animals in a variety of ways: for scientific experimentation, clothing, and, most commonly, for food. Regan says that we cannot rely on contracts as the source of rights for individuals. The consumption and exploitation of non-human animals cause unnecessary suffering that can easily be avoided, but it is a habit and way of life that is difficult to leave behind. These are human capabilities and mean nothing to animals. Even if one is particularly attentive to not act, think, or consume in any way speciesist, it is still almost impossible to prevent all forms of speciesism. NB: Those working for racial or sexual equality often find this comparison insulting - they say that their struggle for equality has a moral and social importance that animal rights can never have. As an important side-note, we acknowledge that this article has so far been concerned with suffering, not killing. Singer rebuts this, however, and underscores that a society that mistreats humans based on their low IQ would be a very immoral society and not one we desire. Singer comments that a requirement for equality is to have interests. A time such as now, where our great nation has been less fortunate in its last decade yet has found a way to climb out of the dust, it is a perfect time to debate on such a topic Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. To focus on one problem at a time. A carrot, quite clearly, does not have any interests. But in , British philosopher Jeremy Bentham made an argument, the argument, for anti-speciesism that remains as relevant today as the day it was published.

How do we know if speciesism is at work? It is necessary, then, to analyse the arguments Singer and others make for the equality of non-human animals and to see how far speciesism is like racism. Singer claims that giving equal rights to all living beings is impractical; instead, we should give equal consideration to different individuals.

Endorsing nihilistic self-interest with regards to how we treat animals is no less vacuous than endorsing it with regards to the treatment of women, children, or minorities.

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So, our first step should be to determine which kinds of beings have interests, and then to work what those interests require us do. The ethics of speciesism What is speciesism?

Speciesism debunked

Are humans morally justified in using animals in these ways? The advocate of the Capacities View, for instance, will still need to say what capacities might be the basis of moral status, and to what extent they are shared by humans and animals alike. Whether it is the meat that we eat, the cosmetics that we use, or the medicine that we take, there might be some form of animal rights violation, whether it is intensive factory farming or animal experimentation and testing, associated in the process of production. This is not the case — rights are something that are created by humans and then given to everyone who can accept them. Few people take speciesism to this length. Especially years of it. This very valid rebuttal means that speciesism could still be put on par with racism. In both cases, oppression in language takes the form of connotations of words. Problem solving is a field of mathematics specifically designed around solving mathematics-related problems in competitions.

While the reality falls short of this ideal in a thousand ways, the principle itself remains intact. To take just three, humans have sophisticated language, the capacity for complex thought, and the ability to live according to moral ideals.

Singer comments that a requirement for equality is to have interests.

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The Problem With Speciesism Essay