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While both authors vary the presentation of their societies, they both explore the damaging qualities of the societies through their central protagonist. This has led to profound ethical dilemmas.

Motivated and determined, Vincent packs up his belongings and sets out toward his dream of space travel. This movie presents us with a new method in which society strives for perfection and it also makes us wonder if genetic engineering is morally correct.

It makes you wonder, where exactly do you draw the In this world, the gene is your resume, all companies admitted to the line number of people to see not ability, but whether the gene is excellent Egg donation, karyomapping and IVF allow for parents to create this child they want.

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In order to gain access into the Gattaca Corporation and reach his dream of going to Titan he takes on the identity of Jerome Morrow, a person with ideal genes but crippled from an accident.

He is born into a world which discriminates against genetics, rather than religion, race or gender. Viewed strictly as entertainment, the film consistently delivers great characters, is well-written and has well-delivered dialogue, with a quick paced and fascinating plot.

Although this decline can be seen across the board, not everyone is affected the same way or to the same extent. The ideal traits, such as being athletic, tall, and smart are given to the child and undesirable traits, such as being colorblind and having other genetic mutations, are prevented The authors then explore who their characters share the burden of their ordeals with and how they assist in turning their suffering into growth.

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As a kid, we learned in school that our genes define who we are as a person and without them, we all would look very alike and would act in the very same way.

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