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This requires vast areas of fertile land.

Different types of energy of the future

This shift towards a new greener way of producing and consuming energy will only be possible if major consumers are on board. If we can successfully learn how to utilize nuclear fusion for the generation of energy in a viable manner, it could well be the new king of the energy world. Geothermal energy: The interior of the Earth contains a lot of heat. Behind-the-scenes academia, research and development labs, and Fortune companies are hard at work developing potential solutions. Yet as of now, it only meets an estimated 2. Some of the designs for these modular reactors have passive safety mechanisms built in to reduce the chance of any kind of radiation release that rocked Japan. Some of these may be long shots, but some may also play a crucial role in the energy mix of the future. The limiting factor in harnessing energy from wind is that wind speed is variable and in most cases the energy from wind can only be effectively harnessed with very high wind speed and consistent heavy winds. If researchers can find a way to make these chemical reactions work at scale using solar energy as a catalyst, they'd have a way to turn the sun's energy into a storable medium while recycling carbon dioxide that's already in the atmosphere back into usable chemical fuel. These generally occur at higher altitudes. Modern appliances are being designed with a level of interconnectivity. The potential for this technology is vast: Google-funded research reveals that geothermal could generate 10 times the amount of power than that of all of our currently operating coal plants combined. Researchers and companies are trying to tap into these leftovers for a viable and economic energy solution. Worldview Stanford Controlling chemistry to make new fuels: Stacey Bent Stacey Bent , a Stanford professor of chemical engineering, explains strategies underway in her lab for making ethanol from molecules in the air.

If that research pays off, it could soon be possible to tap much hotter geothermal resources around the globe that can produce 10 times as much energy as today's geothermal facilities.

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Behind-the-scenes academia, research and development labs, and Fortune companies are hard at work developing potential solutions. It is relatively cheap and a very sustainable source of energy since the amount of heat contained in the earth bed is so vast that even if we harness more energy than we require, it will still suffice for millions of years to come.

The Universe is out there, waiting for you to discover it.

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The idea of nuclear bombs, of radioactive fallout, of meltdowns, and of disasters like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima -- not to mention residual fear from the Cold War -- make "NIMBY" the default position for a large number of people.

First up is solar.

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What is the future of energy?