Easy tips on how to write a song

Typically chord progressions that work are ones that are somewhat familiar to us as listeners.

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Song structure There are obviously tons of ways to arrange a song. That songwriting tip will mean that you are already ahead when it comes to creating a new piece, and will make the song writing process a lot easier the next time around.

The melody should be different from both verse and chorus. For your first few songs I would encourage you to write a chorus as it will help you have a good starting point and a theme for your song.

Now that you know how to write a song in ten steps, here are some Song Starters — titles, themes, chord progressions, and more — to get you going.

Record your song. Find the melody in your lyric.

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Knowing basic music theory is vital for success when it comes to song writing. What do you think or hope will happen next? An example of this are rap songs. Choose a melody and chord progression that contrasts your verse and chorus. Make a diagram of a song that resonates with you. Or at least keep the volume low. If you prefer writing lyrics first, try writing in different places — go outside, sit down with a notepad, or sit down with Microsoft Word. Song structure ideas A typical song structure you could try is a four—verse structure, each with four—lines, plus a four-line chorus every two verses. A particular tempo? Check out our guide to the circle of fifths if you need to brush up on your key signatures. Your next great song just needs that one last important ingredient: The doing. Either way songs are stories.

What emotion are you describing? There are infinite sounds to put into this song form.

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Get the basis of your song down, and you can always go back and change things afterwards.

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How to Write a Song