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A managerial implication of this finding is that it is not enough for hotels to adopt a formal strategic planning approach to accomplish better planning outcomes; decision-makers should use a decision-making style characterized by rationality and the use of a systematic quantitative data analysis.

Of the respondent hotels, 82 per cent belonged to the private sector, 9 hotels were publicly held 5 per cent and 22 were joint ventures 13 per cent. What begs these questions regarding the applicability of formal planning for hotels is the nature of the tourism sector.

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The data collection process was carried out from May to August Is it an economic downturn? References 3.

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Strategic Planning in Turbulent Environments: A Social Ecology Approach to Scenarios planning can be used for strategic planning in turbulent environments. Working out the strategic plan with the other key stakeholders — partners, investors and employees — ensures you're all on the same page. Some scholars consider business planning per se as a capability Brews and Hunt, The results of our study offer an answer to the key question raised at the beginning: is formal planning a worthy approach for hotels? Tourism is a critical economic activity, which represents a significant earner of exports and predominant generator of foreign exchange earnings; it functions in a dynamic and vulnerable context and needs a well-thought-out planning approach Phillips and Moutinho, We conclude that causal textures theory helps strategic planners to better understand the purpose of scenario planning and helps to guide them on how to make use of scenario planning to effect better strategies in a turbulent environment. All kinds of changes can transform your business environment — economic collapse or boom, new competitors and new technologies.

In addition to the above actions for ex ante survey design choices, we performed ex post analyses to address this concern Conway and Lance, We articulate general strategic planning stances for organizations consistent with each of the three principles, and demonstrate how scenario planning can help to instantiate each principle.

An earlier version of this scale was successfully used by Brews and Hunt Prior research has sought to examine the link between formal planning processes and performance, with most studies supporting a positive association Delmar and Shane, ; Miller and Cardinal, Using two scenarios to look at the different ways it may develop, Shell will be better equipped to fulfill its goal of providing energy in responsible ways and helping its customers and investors as best it can.

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Any of these factors can change in an instant: New laws may change what materials you use in your product. In addition, increased emphasis was placed on performance planning as strategic plans shifted their focus away from forecasts and more towards financial and operational performance targets.

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The external environment's effect on management and strategy