Compare and contrast essay about fast food and healthy food

Fast food had been making business since the 's and proudly serving all across America Schlosser. The truth is that eating healthy food is cheaper. In the film Food Inc. Lastrapes English 1A 19 april, Life in the Fast Food Lane The growth of the fast food industry over the past few decades into what it is today is an undeniable phenomenon that has occurred in an alarmingly rapid pace.

But do uneducated Advantages III. Some parents think that their children are old enough that they forget to teach their children the importance of eating healthy and cooking.

So, what is fast food? Ok, How many of you eat it at least twice a week if not more? Unlike fast food, home cooked meals are made of fresh products with no dangerous ingredients, following perfect sanitary norms Also, cooking at home often takes as much time as cooking fast food, the only difference being that home cooked food is definitely much healthier.

General purpose: To persuade Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that unhealthy food should not be sold in school canteen. Secondly,home cooked food is greatly healthier than fast food due to frequent use of oil in the latter.

With the ever-growing population of obese Americans, people are looking for a reason and for most that reason is fast food. Such disconsolate fast food facts point out the biggest fast food disadvantage — negative impact on health. Even a documentary of a man named Morgan Spurlock made headlines

argumentative essay about healthy food
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