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We encourage you to be similarly creative as you consider how the College might influence your passion and aspirations. Students see the relevance of the coursework in their own lives, and in broader communities, and customize their education to accommodate evolving interests without feeling confined by their requirements.

The material was so relevant and interesting. Nutritional Sciences students may also fulfill the course requirements for membership in the American Dietetics Association or can pursue a minor in exercise science.

As part of that new beginning, the IBI Group architects recommended inviting student designers to submit design ideas for the Commons area of the new building.

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Shoppers can choose from the weekend farmers market on the waterfront and specialty stores on the Downtown Commons, as well as big box options. In the end, the finished product stays true to the Cornell brand with an approach that is at once simple, beautiful, collegiate, and contemporary.

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My research in folate and B12 nutrition has been incredibly meaningful because it has allowed me to extend my learning beyond the classroom and take ownership of a hands-on project. I have a more solid understanding of the societal, economic and biological influencers of eating.

Studying and living alongside low-income families in urban America, my work revealed the mixed and often contradictory effects these policies have for poor individuals and poor communities.

PAM teaches me how to ask meaningful questions and find the answers to them. I wonder why certain populations get sick and others do not. My friends in all programs in Human Ecology have had similar experiences.

With a foundation in biology and chemistry, complemented by the social sciences, students learn how nutrition affects the well-being of individuals, families, communities and nations. Why do certain forms of healthcare administration work better than others?

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