Choosing a school

Admissions processes can vary.

Choosing a school

I look at the students very closely: how do they wear their uniform? Does the school close for religious and federal holidays? Ask if they have a policy for learning. Mike Collier, head of Walker technology college in Newcastle My children are 13, eight and four, and several years ago we identified the school we wanted them to go to and moved into the catchment area. The research on the relative academic merits of single-sex and co-educational schools is mixed, but there is evidence that a mixed school is a better social preparation, particularly in this era of MeToo and consent. With this in mind, see how the children interact with peers and adults in the classroom. Are the teachers highly qualified to teach in their subject areas do they know the subjects they are teaching? Is a school nurse on duty daily? But experts say those who look only at academic performance when choosing a secondary school for their child should consider a much broader array of indicators, If a child has additional learning needs, parents need to know the school has the resources to cater for them.

Does your child need more challenging work? Are there tutoring programs? Continue to:.

how to choose a middle school

School-specific factors Is the school small or large? I'm looking for signs of warmth and genuine relationships, one in which teachers are respected but not feared.

For children, secure friendships sustained over time are closely associated with feelings of confidence and self-worth.

Things to consider when choosing a school

It is, however, possible to find both, even if it takes a bit of hunting down. What do other parents you know think about the different schools in your area? What people say could be completely unfounded, or things could have changed, or there might be things about a school that make it the right choice for your child even if it wasn't right for someone else's son or daughter. For gifted students? Do school personnel call parents when students are absent? The following sections have questions for you to consider as you go through the process of choosing a school for your child. Member Organisations.

I have four kids with very different needs but they will all go to the same non-fee paying schools thanks to a sibling policy. How is student work displayed? What is the application deadline?

Choosing a school for my toddler

For more information see our Cookie Policy. And do they have access to counselling and supports beyond career guidance? Additional questions about private schools What is the tuition? Location of school Do you want your child to go to a school within walking distance of your home? And what I'd say is, pay attention to the vibe, keep a sense of how the school makes you feel. Extracurricular options, including the sports on offer, will be central for others. Special offerings What extracurricular activities does the school offer after school or on weekends? Learning and teaching The Irish Times feeder-school lists show the proportion of pupils who have gone from that school to third-level. Parents with older children can provide more information about the reputation of the school, and about their experiences. What do students say about the principal? Do you want your child to go to a singlesex all-boy or all-girl school, or a coeducational school? What is the discipline policy? That's the thing to go on. Top Tip!

Is your child musical or artistic?

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Choosing a school: how do teachers pick one for their own child?