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Make diagram elements easier to read and understand by creating a visual association to key process element by adding pictogram symbols.

Remember about proper alignment — equal distances between shapes and slide margins.

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The standard shape proportions, standard looking arrows. So, the PowerPoint presentation need clear cut design that ensures the utmost engagement of the viewers and the messages should penetrate to the minds of the people. You just need some practice.

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We decided to go with large rectangles — as we have enough space on a slide, so we can make shapes bigger and have enough white space inside the shape too.

So using diagrams to show the processes and models is no doubt a better way to present.

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Remember about proper alignment — equal distances between shapes and slide margins. Surely you can use the separate icon of a shield, just make it bigger. Graphics and Reading Resources Article about improving data chart presentation slide Outline Business PPT Icons: If you like the symbols and example diagram above, you can get the icons collection we used or subscribe and download slides every month :. If you are looking for an innovative way to illustrate a process or business model, you can find it here. The methodologies commonly used to support business process improvement activities within an enterprise include Six Sigma, Agile management, Lean management, Kaizen and Total Quality Management. The methodology tries to find out the root cause of business problems and suggest remedial measures. Business process improvement diagram for PowerPoint presentation is suitable to convey the subject of business process improvement. The color combination and color mixture create an astonishing appearance to the PowerPoint template. The standard shape proportions, standard looking arrows. Get inspired by our slide makeover example of the simple SmartArt flowchart. The star-like template is suitable to deliver the concepts of business process improvement methodologies. Business process improvement or BPI seeks to bring drastic transformation in an organizations performance. We decided to go with a simple example of the business process or values of the particular company. The folded ribbon star diagram is perfect for the presentation of five topics or elements. Get inspired and experiment with your slides!

The same way you can show various business models and company processes. The diagram shows the concepts in the pre-designed surface are Plan, Do, Check, Act and perform. However, in order for your diagram charts to look attractive and professional you should ensure two things in your slide visualization: Ensure the diagram is well readable, by having all shapes aligned with enough white space.

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Business Process