Brand portfolio and brand hierarchy

However, some brands decide to not expose the interrelationships between their brands due to specific strategies based on perceived quality, price, or targeted customers.

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Conversely, a branded house uses a single masterbrand to span a set of offerings operating with descriptive subbrands. This allows an organization to create a brand portfolio that appeals to distinct segments or needs states. We can construct a hierarchy to represent how if at all products are nested with other products because of their common brand elements.

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Major elements 2. Brand architecture, in its turn, cannot be mistakenly managed in terms of how to determine the best operational approach, for example, for product positioning practices.

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In addition, achieving strong quality perceptions among consumers is often expensive because it may involve using higher-quality raw materials or better-trained service operatives, superior manufacturing or operations technologies, and greater marketing communication expenditures.

It also displays all products associated with a brand, as well as other brands used in combination as sub-brands to help brand those various products.

Brand portfolio analysis

In terms of brand hierarchies, the corporate or company brand is the highest level brand of any organization and refers to the legal entity by which the organization was formed. The final type uses a house of brands to encompass individual brands. In terms of brand portfolio strategies, it seems that the most common strategy adopted by firms is having multiple brands in a single market. Old Navy vs. In addition to the Hilton Hotels and Resorts brand, the company also owns numerous other business entities, which are all grouped under the brand portfolio name Hilton Worldwide. Since this is a theoretical study based on marketing literature about brand portfolio and brand architecture, one limitation of this paper is the absence of empirical research about how organizations understand and apply these concepts on their daily operations. Conclusions, recommendations and limitations 5. Negative spillover in brand portfolios: Exploring the antecedents of asymmetric effects. Examples of Brand Portfolios To better explain what a brand portfolio looks like, consider the Hilton brand. Above all else, the brand portfolio should continue to make acquisitions to fill any gaps. The first step in creating brand equity is to develop a brand identity that is achieved through a unique set of associations that a firm aspires to create or maintain. Family brand Buick 4. Corporate brands, as the highest level of the brand hierarchy, can potentially endorse a wide range of products and services, to varying degrees and can benefit from the reciprocal equity transfer across all levels. Journal of Marketing, 76 1 , 38—
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Brand hierarchy