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The fear is that you would have a very conservative, risk-averse society that would not have any fun. A great quote from J.

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In the Christian tradition, as expresssed by Thomas Aquinas, for example, the notion of eternal life does not refer primarily to a prolongation of earthly life based on the conception of an immortal soul; rather, it refers to the fullness of a human life that can be reached to the extent that one's goal in life is no longer the preservation of the self, but the communion with and service to God and one's neighbour.

These issues, they do have deep existential connotations.

Is living longer necessarily a good thing

It is distinctive, however, from the naturalist argument in that this is named as a practical barrier to life extension, rather than the more abstract call for the preservation of the natural and the moral delineation between good and bad. They differ as regards their nature and cogency. Biologists have learned that each cell has a biological clock that tells the cell when to stop dividing and reproducing and when to die. Social consequences In principle, one could be in favor of life extension on moral grounds, but be opposed to it due to the practical applications of its onset. The real ethical challenge for ageing societies, therefore, should be how to improve the conditions for life as a life in community, and not how to stop ageing as such. We all know what life expectancy and health habits have done over the past one hundred years. Everyone is familiar with ad hominem attacks against life extensionists. In this sense, attributes such as virtue and morality have a direct relationship with our condition as vulnerable, transient entities and in how we suffer and sacrifice.

The life extensionists would respond that this is based on our conditioned response and expectations of a maximum lifespan.

Conclusions Is it possible, after what has been said so far, to argue that no individual should have the option for life extension if science progresses enough to offer it?

That pretty much says it all for life extensionists.

Asking what was going on, she was told that these people were starving, because there was no bread. Topics for research paper examples ethics my bathroom essay body language social problem among teenager essay spm cause effect essay technology sample outline fair trade essay quotes essay on favourite restaurant hill station term paper??????? It is an unpredictable social experiment—we do not know what will await us beyond our expected normal lifespan right now. Again, one thing that the IEET is very cognizant of is working to ensure that these types of technologies have as broad access as possible. Both utilitarian arguments are problematic in two respects. Topic short essay cow in english Ielts essay about art year My mistakes essay gujarati my ideal partner essay relationship essay life expectancy tables australia essay my favorite meal actor and bad holiday essay leadership essay on why being recycled. This is the big one. Life extension interventions, it is argued, are bound to be both cost prohibitive to a large segment of the population, and I guess the assumption is that the widening gap between the rich and poor will lead to greater social inequality. Death, apparently, also provides us with morality and a need for morality. Even things like courage, heroism, sacrifice, and creativity arise from the acknowledgment that I and everyone else only has so much time here. Among others, the question must be discussed to what extent life extension contributes to the public good. In those activities that constitute human happiness there seem to be no time and space, no subject and object. George produces Sentient Developments blog and podcast.

Author Ben Bova has a new book, Immortality, which is one of the many recent volumes that explain how science is beginning to discover more about aging and death and how to prolong life. Advocates of this view believe that life extension is a dehumanizing usurpation of the natural order.

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Then it becomes a curse. The other person has an instrumental value, and can appear as a friend, a competitor or even an enemy.

He reminds us that the human body has about trillion cells and when they cease to function and reproduce, we do as well. There are of course the issues of social and distributive injustices. It is a well-known cycle of life, it has been argued, and it may provide other benefits to society—the elimination of death may curtail the important social processes that we take for granted. Is this an issue of relativity? In countries like The United States income the lower the mortality, making it evident that income might be a method to identify the lifestyle situations, that lead to the health contrast within people of different economic groups Marmot, A study held by Kelly et al from The university Cambridge on the Impact of obesity In fife expectancy, predicted that overweight would reduce It by 0. Families and governments have to spend a lot of money on providing healthcare and insurance to aged people. There could be the problem of generational dominance. I find that arguments on behalf life extension tend to be somewhat on the offensive.

It is mainly the combination of AIDS with poverty that is responsible for this mortality. This is very much a neo-Malthusian argument.

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Argumentative essay about longevity