An analysis of the scotts piece magnetic rag

The payment structure Joplin had with Bahnsen is unclear, but it was more likely a direct payment for a set quantity than a commission.

The A section employs a scale pattern in the left hand part that is similar to one later used in Artie Matthews Pastime Rag 2. It is a weeper with a sentiment similar to other greater hits of the era, such as Silver Threads Among The Gold and the later Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet, but a bit grimmer concerning the issue of aging.

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This tragedy started a period of compositional malaise and possibly depression for the composer. Lamb had been writing for several years, and already had a number of works in print, but no true piano rags. Joplin formed a touring company of over thirty for the show which included Marshall and Hayden.

The question of royalties from piano rolls was still an issue as mechanical rights in copyright law was still under debate. In Stoptime Rag only the C section was played continuously save for the last couple of measures, and the remainder of the seven sections were performed in stoptime.

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An analysis of the scotts piece magnetic rag