Alumni information management system

conclusion for alumni management system

This type of system builds a strong network among all the passed out students. Personal Details: The information like alumni residential address, mobile no and presently in which sector shes studying or working is stored here in the database.

SAS does not 1 Maintaining two portals is costly connect only college with its alumni but also it connects 2 No link between Alumni portal and college portal for current students of college and its alumni. This is a major hurdle in the flow of to mid-size events.

The discussion groups featured in Student has to fill all the required details related to exam and the portal keep up to the forefront of new Internet his marks. And also in existing system, 4 Event Management: The events section will offer a maximum work goes on manually and it is error prone user-friendly environment for facility scheduling system, it takes time for any changes in the system.

Student informing about the Some features of our proposed system in detail are 5 rechecking application. The 5 Discussion Groups Forums : Making the site a hub for information and discussion encourages visitors All rights reserved by www.

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Student Information System for Alumni