Agriculture sector in india trends issues

challenges in agriculture sector

This way, more and more employment opportunities can be created which will be useful in making agriculture practical in a sustainable manner.

Post Independence, large areas in India have been brought under irrigation but only one-third of the cropped area is actually irrigated.

trends in agribusiness in india

The Government of India has allowed per cent FDI in marketing of food products and in food product e-commerce under the automatic route.

Solutions for early warning system can play a vital role in estimating and minimising the risk due to erratic climate change events.

However, the agrarian situation saw a downturn towards the beginning of the Ninth plan period — and the Tenth plan period —07when the agricultural growth rate came down to 2. Agricultural equipment such as pesticides, pump harvesters, tractors, fertilizers were made available to farmers.

problem statement for agriculture in india

This aided by the digital drive in the sector can start the new agri and technology revolution in the sector. Maize followed wheat. Minhas-Vaidyanathan decomposition scheme is used with prices Wi of major crops for decomposition analysis of agricultural growth.

Source: CSO. Milk production was estimated at

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Trends in Growth of Agriculture Sector of the Indian Economy