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The new A aircraft will remain based in Glasgow throughout the year, providingmore seats for passengers travelling to and from Glasgow.

How can airport operators break even on aeronautical revenues in an era of airline consolidation and airport competition? As such, airports need to look at private sources of capital in order to develop and modernise their infrastructure, increase capacity and improve their customer services.

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The revision and improvement of the regulatory framework is essential to stimulating funding of core investments delivered in an efficient and sustainable way to provide long-term value for consumers. Today, easyJet is the largest airline in Glasgow and operates up to flights a week across 19 routes.

This terminal with numerous cafes and duty-free shops has become the hallmark of the airport, a window into the world for citizens of the USSR and a gateway to our country for millions of foreigners.

In addition, the shift towards markets outside Europe to access new business opportunities makes the improvement of airport connectivity even more important, which necessarily implies more investment. The domestic city connection will operate 13 times a week throughout the year, with flights launching on 29 March From a pure economic perspective, what is the best approach to allocating slots over the short and long term?

Within the strategy, the Commission officially acknowledges the primary role that airports play for economic development and recognises that airport competition is a reality. The design incorporates automated boarding technology which uses biometrics to process passengers through e-gates straight onto the aircraft.

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Airport Capacity & Airport Slots