A report on the growing national pride in lebanon

It concerned two young men, arrested while kissing and caressing in a car, without engaging in a sexual act. In "Caramel", which was a runner-up in for nomination in foreign film category, she dug into the lives of ordinary women from different religious backgrounds as they struggled with tradition, their own sexuality and aging.

Some prefer half water, half arak — a strong, sweet mix, usually not for the newbies. It started with a brunch in honor of the parents who did not kick their LGBT children from the family house because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Migrant Workers An estimatedmigrant domestic workers, primarily from Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Nepal, and Bangladesh, are excluded from labor law protections. In commercial production, the arak sits in clay jugs for a year, making it smoother, Issa said.

The mix is what makes each house's taste unique. A new glass is used with each new serving.

problems in lebanon 2018

Anise and water may be added in the second or third distillation. Central to the process is a triple distillation using a still called a "karakeh" in Arabic. Browse Countries. In the film, Zain sues his parents after they fail to protect his little sister against child marriage and for continuing to have children they are unable to care for.

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