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Good mentors are able to share life experiences and wisdom, as well as technical expertise. But, as with many new teachers, the experienced teachers next door had their own challenges to contend with and could not properly help with my chaos. This mans name is Francis Gymaih, an ordained minister from Guana, Africa. You have chosen an honorable profession that rewards hard work in the classroom with admiration and dedication from your students. Communication and trust broke down before they could ever be established. Please log in to see full paper preview. In the realm of science and engineering, we might say that a good mentor seeks to help a student optimize an educational experience, to assist the student's socialization into a disciplinary culture, and to help the student find suitable employment. Parents should support educators, not criticise them. The notion of mentoring is ancient. It was already recognised that "education and learning were not for profit-making, and the commercial notion of 'delighting customers' threatened to be a misnomer and a source of tension". He often would raise his hands in the air and talk in a praise to God kind of voice. Try through regular contact-daily, if possible-to keep all your students on the "radar screen" to anticipate problems before they become serious. In general, however, each relationship must be based on a common goal: to advance the educational and personal growth of the student.

For example, if you are a faculty member advising a physics student who would like to work in the private sector, you might encourage him or her to find mentors in industry as well. This made his class enjoyable to be in.

This does not bode well for the education sector of modern Singapore, which already has a worrying number of able teachers leaving the profession. You might need to remind a student-and yourself-that you need a degree of objectivity in giving fair grades and evaluations.

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So a well-intentioned Forum letter " Working after school hours part of 'service' ", Oct 8 provoked a backlash against the writer and against "the system". It is not common or easy for vendors to discipline their customers.

Careful listening. Gymaih is a young man, about 26 years old, so he can still relate to the students on a different level than most teachers. Hence, if the student has a problem completing her homework, it need not be the student's fault.

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In the broad sense intended here, a mentor is someone who takes a special interest in helping another person de- Page 2 Share Cite Suggested Citation:"1 What is a Mentor?. This interest is particularly high around mentorship, whether or not that role comes with additional pay. It was already recognised that "education and learning were not for profit-making, and the commercial notion of 'delighting customers' threatened to be a misnomer and a source of tension". You can be a powerful ally for students by helping them build their network of contacts and potential mentors. The word "customer" is based on a commercial concept. It should not be trivialised by commercialising it. You may lead classes with over 30 students at a time, most of whom have struggled for years with high teacher turnover and a lack of stability in their school lives. If it were not for him who knows were would be right now.

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