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Apparently, it seems difficult to separate language from its national and cultural dimensions. Runt chats somebody up and then pretends to be molested by him.

Christopher Murray, Faber and Faber, , p. Words or pictures or sounds or whatever form of communication a language takes are maintains stability within a society, not weapons. Such blindness leads them to deny their mixed cultural holdings in favor of an unadulterated identity. This is exactly what Owen does: he does not want his peers from Baile Beag to know about the upcoming military operation in the village so that he can accomplish his task. Maxwell, D. The play went back to an event in the past in in Ireland when the British government attempted to write a new map for Ireland by "changing" the names of the Irish towns and cities into English; this was "intended to provide an accurate map of the country with uniform anglicized Mahony, , Referring to the play itself, Lancey, one of the major characters in the play, states that "a map is a representation on paper" Translations, , This is the point that the study adds to the act of translation. Bridget says Owen should talk to the Donnelly twins. Worthen, W. Indeed, the reader or the audience tend to forget that what they hear or read is actually not Irish. Twayne Publisher, Boston, , p. Yolland: Let's leave it alone. Moreover, another instance mentioned in the play which depends on a historic fact is the English colonial attempts to impose their system of education on the Irish people; a system which attempts to erase the Irish language and replace it with English.

Manus reveals that he shouted at Yolland the night before upon seeing him with Maire. Language is essential for building a civilization and the lack of a language is vital for destroying that civilization.

A drunk Yolland joyously recites the Irish words he has learned. He even refuses to talk to Yolland because of his language. This fact was embodied in the play in the imperialists' English attempts in many forms: British survey of Ireland and the process of mapping, renaming and Anglicizing Ireland and spreading the English system of education. Michael Gillane is preparing to be married when an old woman arrives at the house. Communication Prevents Chaos Ultimately, the lesson about the power of language that Friel teaches in Translations is that without its utility for facilitating communication, society will collapse into unending chaos. Yeats' Annua Friel himself has also, emphasized that the main theme of his play is about "language and only language" Klein, , In this light, the need to replace the names of the towns and cities with English is a means to fulfill the colonizers' policy of Anglicization. Those bits and pieces that are omitted in the critical consensus concerning the play can be quite telling of the real, complicated situation in colonial Ireland. Enda Walsh demonstrates how the communicative character of language may turn into its opposite and only serve to increase the sense of isolation. Furthermore, the issue of language is important because it is related to "the depth of political unconsciousness" Kiberd, , I am not arguing against the loss of Gaelic civilization, but I am interested in those ambiguous, contrary undercurrents beneath the overwhelming Anglicization of Ireland. This socio- cultural adoption of language gives this play its value as a postcolonial reality.

Yolland, as a romantic English officer, is enthralled by Irish culture and lifestyle. Kiberd, Declan. Jus da liddle girl all aloneys!

Every translation may begin with the expectation or the hope that the essence of the original will be maintained and something approaching purity of meaning will carry over, but the purity of that essence is subject to variables including, but hardly limited to the purpose of the translation and the competency of the translator.

Like the illegitimate baby who cannot claim a genuine, pure lineage to its father, anglicized Ireland is also a bastard descendent from its pristine Celtic origin.

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There is reason to believe that such a duality will finally be eliminated through the English educational system, for the Irish people will not be able to know their Irish place names any more when they are educated in English only.

Bonny an Clyde, ya seen da movie.

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Friel introduced the Irish English in his plays; his treatment of English language is always presented as the 'other'. And Abha means river.

It is true that English colonization aims to supplant Irish language, culture, and tradition with English substitutes, but they only have partial success, for the Irish system is not entirely wiped out but persists in a reduced and marginalized condition.

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